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This site was created in memory of Lance Corporal Brandon C. Dewey, who was killed in action January 20, 2006 in Haqlaniyah, Iraq, Al Anbar Province while serving in the United States Marine Corps. He was killed by a suicide vehicle borne IED. This was his second tour of duty in Iraq and his second purple heart. He received his first purple heart in 2004 when he was injured by shrapnel from two suicide car bombs. He was 20 years old.

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Respect  / Russell Blenk
It was an honor and privilege to have Lance Corporal Brandon Dewey's #neverforget race bib affixed to my ruck during the 2017 Bataan Death Memorial March.
Thinking of you   / Rhiannon Cannizzaro (Cousin)
Always in my thoughts cousin. Missing you always. I love you and will see you again one day.
Brothers  / Daniel Hamrick (Scouts)
Always faithful my friend.
Thinking of you   / Mike And Pam Dustin (friend)
It has been a while since I have been here. I am sorry, but I have been a bit under the weather for the past year. Just wanted you to know that HEROES LIVE IN OUR HEARTS FOREVER~~NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN. WITH LOVE AND RESPECT,
Happy Birthday Brandon..   / Auntie Glory (Aunt)
Happy Birthday to my wonderful nephew.. I think of you everyday and miss your smile, laughter and love of your family.. You changed my life Brandon! I'll be seeing you and can't wait.. I love you, Auntie Glory 5-15-15
My Brandon  / Joan Siers (Grandma)    Read >>
Aunt Glory  / Auntie Glory (Aunt)    Read >>
thinking of you  / Sheila Loewen (cousin by marriage )    Read >>
Not a day goes by i dont miss you  / Chantel Sumbot (Friend)    Read >>
Missing You  / Brandy Clark (Friend (former gf) )    Read >>
You are missed  / Kevin Byrne (Friend and fellow Devil Dog )    Read >>
Missing you  / Christopher Huckaby (Friend, Brother in Arms )    Read >>
On Memorial Day 2013  / Jim And Bette Dalrymple (aunt and uncle )    Read >>
thinking of you  / Mike And Pam Dustin (friend)    Read >>
Always... / Jennessee(Jae) Walton (Friend)    Read >>
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Arriving at Dover

3-1 in action 2004
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